Pre-Paid And Pre-Arranged Funeral Plans

If you decide to pre-pay your funeral plan you need to be assured that your funds will grow and keep pace with inflation. Most importantly, you must be confident that your funds are absolutely secure.

It is important to note that doing a pre-paid at today’s prices means that when that time does come the funeral can take place as per your pre-paid wishes with no extra cost.

With Glenelg Funerals your investment is placed in either the Catholic Development Fund for pre-paid or into a bond with Funeral Plan Management.

Unfortunately many families still don’t discuss their wishes. A pre-paid gives your family/loved one's peace of mind that your arrangements/wishes have been documented and paid for, saving them additional stress at a very emotional time. Just remember to keep your pre-paid contract with your important papers or advise a family member.

Pre-paying your funeral also means your pension or other benefits will not be affected.

Please feel free to contact Glenelg Funerals to discuss your pre-paid needs.