Frequently Asked Questions

If your loved one passes away at home from a known illness, your family doctor will need to be contacted. Then you can call Glenelg Funerals to advise of your loved ones passing. If the death is unexpected contact the Police and they will know the appropriate steps to follow before contacting Glenelg Funerals. If they pass away in a Nursing Home or Hospital the nursing staff will follow appropriate procedures before contacting Glenelg Funerals.
The decision will need to be made whether you would like Cremation or Burial. Your service can be held wherever you would like at a location that is appropriate to your needs, Glenelg Funerals will guide you through this process. We appreciate that every life is special and each person unique. Glenelg Funerals take great pride in personalising your loved ones farewell.
There is no legal requirement to have a funeral service, however, it is a legal requirement to be either buried or cremated. Some families choose to have this option and then a memorial service or gathering with no coffin present at a later date when everyone can be together. Some families also choose to have no gathering at all. Glenelg Funerals will take your loved one into our care and assist you with all the appropriate paperwork. It is important to communicate your wishes to your family.
Planning and pre-paying your funeral has many advantages, not only are you paying for your funeral at today’s price but the decisions you make now can be made at your leisure and in consultation with your own family if you wish. You then have peace of mind knowing that your family have had some of those hard decisions made for them which does take the stress from their shoulders.
Certainly, Glenelg Funerals know that not everyone is mobile and we are happy to come to you to make those arrangements.
We have access to a comprehensive music library or we will endeavour to obtain your music selections.
Certainly and we can guide you in the right direction to have this professionally produced.
Glenelg Funerals have always chosen to be up front with our families so they have an indication of what the costings will be when that time comes.
Glenelg Funerals will register the Death with Births, Deaths and Marriages with the information you provide us. Approximately 14 days after the Cremation or Burial the Death Certificate is received by us and we forward this to the person who signed our paperwork at the time of arrangements.